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hmmm it's interesting...

Not bad it's pretty interesting. It's funny too. The animation could've been better and and so as the voice acting. But still not bad. nice job!

SiMpSoN-bRuVaS responds:

interesting, and funny, im on a roll lolol, yea ive heard alot on the voice acting, this will be improved for part two

Awesomer than the first! :D

Hilarious! Great job, Egoraptor! Keep up the awesome work!

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Nice work! :D

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It was ok...

not really all that fun to me but the graphics were good...

Better Free Ball sequel!

36.69 was my best score! Great game!

574! (Best Score)

Nice and better sequel!

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Ses is still here? :/

His music recently isn't very good. Since no one cares about him anymore, why can't he just pack his bags and leave and do something else for a living ? But he still posts songs on the site as if he still has friends/fans/subscribers here. About the song,

+Nice beat=
+ Rapping is great and flows well

And, just to let you know, I don't use this account anymore. Hit me at ManByMyles93. Keeep it up.

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Lejin responds:

Hes all alone in his casket whispering to himself "hip hop is dead.... ip hop is dead" lol

- Mr. Big Bad Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- A-GANG (Almighty Records)
- Real-Over-Fake -(Approved)


The song is quite nice. Intro sounded weird, but when the main synth kicked in, the whole tune became so catchy. And the saxophone was a nice add in. I don't what wyldfyre is saying about people liking it because it's a top 5 song. Whenever real garbage made it to the top 5, most people bashed it, no matter what position it's in. And this is far from garbage. This is actually pretty decent. You have potential and talent, and I want you enhance it. Keep it up.

P.S: Learn to take criticism. You may not like it, but constructive ones will help you improve your ability as a music producer. Good song overall.

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Cuzone responds:

I can take constructive criticism well, but... where is it? I don't see it anywhere on this page. It's all "fuck you, you idiot, your music sucks".

But thank you very much for the review! I appreciate it very much. And wyldfyre can suck it.


That's all I gonna say.

Stabilize responds:

Thanks xD

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You're good.

I love the design of the land. Your guy's clothed look very well drawn and well detailed. Pretty good work. Keep it up! 5/5


You drawn the the Hulk extremely good. The abs look fantastic. The grass looks real 0.0, and the stormy background looks very tight. Great work, dude. Love to see more from you.


I like the baggy pants and the drawing of the gun. And the maustache! ;D
Very good. Keep it up. 5/5

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TPSDude responds:

You gave my a 9, but gave me a 5/5? Jkjk, Thanks for the praise!

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